New Salpo CRM features and functionality

We’ve been working hard to improve the Salpo CRM business platform, adding and updating features to help our clients to drive their businesses forward, improving processes, increasing efficiency and making more money.


Latest releases:

  • Updated: Document Templates
  • New: Email Templates
  • New: Recurring Revenue
  • New: Timer custom field
  • Updated: Business Rules
  • New: aBILLity integration

Read more below and click links to visit Salpo Support documentation…

Updated: Document Templates

Our Document Template feature now has enhanced views and functionality for ease of use and increased customisation options.

New: Email Templates

Create customised email templates, pull-in contact data and connect to Office 365 to send emails via Outlook – all without leaving Salpo CRM.

New: Recurring Revenue

Specify billing frequency and billing cycle for each Product when adding it to an Opportunity. Products can be billed as One Off, Monthly or Yearly and the billing cycle term can be defined as a specific numeric value or to be continued until cancelled, allowing for auto-renewals.

Sales reporting will no longer reflect full amounts based on sale ‘won’ date, instead showing accurate revenue per month and year.

New: Timer custom field

Track time spent on records with our new Timer field. Auto-trigger the timer to start when a record is created or updated. Pause the timer and make notes for each interval.

Schedule notifications when the total time hits a pre-defined time or cap. Track and report on total time spent. Perfect for tracking time spent on a project, job or support ticket.

Updated: Business Rules

Our Business Rules feature now includes Timer custom field functionality. Users can add, start, pause, reset and remove the field via automation.

New: aBILLity integration

Track sales Opportunities from Quote through to Order and add Products from aBILLity into your Salpo sale Order via a Product Picker.

Progress your Provisioning, Contracts, Configuration and Billing all within the same Order, for simplicity and transparency across departments.

If you have questions about our updates, please email Salpo Support. To see these new features in action and discover the benefits for your business, register for our webinar on Thursday 15 August.

We continue to improve Salpo CRM in line with the growing needs of our customers. If you have a suggestion for any improvements, please visit our support pages and make a feature request.

The benefits of CRM: 5 steps to success

From chasing your tail with email trails and phone calls, to keeping up to date with client information, perhaps it’s time to adapt to a new functional way of working.

Without the right tools to keep on top of each customer’s needs, you may be losing them to competitors. That’s where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is very powerful. It’s a way of working smarter and more savvy. By linking up information about customers through all their interactions with your business; via email, mobile, web, social, phone and in-person, you can better understand their needs.

Flexible, efficient and insightful, Salpo makes your business better through our award-winning CRM platform. Its seamless integration into the day-to-day workflow can be customised to your needs, with zero coding involved. Its modular design and unlimited custom fields provide a bespoke workspace and dashboard to mesh with your existing systems. This provides an all-round view in a centralised platform that can be accessed by the right people to target the right prospects – which will ultimately increase conversion rates and drive sales.

In a previous blog post, we outlined the ins and outs of CRM software. There are a number of different strands to CRM. Sales CRM empowers your salesforce with tailored processes and data to perform more effectively and convert more leads into sales, while marketing CRM helps you analyse customer data and behaviours to trigger pre-determined actions, making your marketing campaigns more efficient and effective. Finally, contact management CRM handles all your customer interactions and information – this is the foundation of a good CRM system and central to all other strands.

5 steps to CRM success

There are huge benefits to using a CRM system. Here are 5 steps to illustrate what you should expect from a good CRM system, optimised for your business needs.

1. Integrate your software and systems

CRM is a blended system that brings together all the elements that fit a particular business. Its customisable nature allows you to streamline all your tools in one adaptable place on your desktop and mobile device. Salpo CRM is equipped with an open RESTful API that allows deep software integrations. Combine all your email and marketing solutions such as Office 365, G Suite, SendGrid, Emma and MailChimp in one place. CRM also provides a comprehensive e-commerce platform with cloud-based DEAR Inventory integration – the world’s best inventory management platform which offers integrated accounting, point of sale and B2B e-commerce. Another benefit is that Salpo CRM is a Xero Connected App partner, for all your accounting needs, as well as a RingCentral partner for call centre and sales solutions. Having all these tools in one place brings together all customer and business information, allowing you to easily track account status and previous interactions. It also includes access to Salpo’s GDPR Compliance Assistance Tool (CAT) which helps you meet ongoing requirements whilst being able to manage, audit and report on customer data.

2. Increase efficiency within your team

Adopting a CRM system makes your life, and the rest of your team’s tasks, much simpler. From spending habits to social media details and sales prospects, you’ll be able to track customer information at the touch of a button. Not just that, each and every communication your business has with individual clients can be recorded and documented in an orderly fashion. With Salpo CRM you can input new data in real-time and make this instantly available to every team member with permission rights. The ability to ring-fence specific contacts and data increases efficiency and keeps relevant teams connected, from sales to marketing, customer service to senior management. This is particularly useful if your customer’s usual point of contact is away from the office, as other team members can assist with questions This means that the customer doesn’t have to start the process of providing details again, reducing their frustration and showing that you’re on the ball.

The Salpo CRM Mobile app, available on Android and iOS, further enhances efficiency by placing all your customer and business data in the palm of your hand. Quickly and easily access your Salpo account to monitor activity, review sales opportunities, schedule communications, as well as view and update contacts. No matter where you are, the changes made via the mobile app will be automatically synced with the rest of your devices and teams through the cloud-hosted system.

3. Improve everyday admin with automated tasks

Time is money, right? Once a sale has been agreed it’s just the beginning. Forms may need to be filled out, legal issues need to be seen to, reports need to be distributed. Utilise the document generator to distribute personalised paperwork which compiles your client’s information managed centrally in the CRM system. Use Salpo’s Business Rules Engine to automate every day tasks, using predefined triggers and actions. Smart automation removes time-consuming admin tasks, giving your staff more time to focus on important business activity, like adding those personal touches to close the deal, with admin sorted behind the scenes.

The integration of G Suite and Office 365, as well as the benefit of an IMAP email connector, allows for seamless email and calendar sync. It automatically storing emails against the right contact, project or sales opportunity, while syncing events and appointments across your company calendars. If any changes are made by team members, the software automatically syncs new data and updates those concerned. The benefits of the Salpo CRM advanced automation capabilities and business rules engine have been highly commended by the likes of FinancesOnline – a platform for SaaS/B2B software and financial product reviews which are provided by experts in the industry. Many end-users across a spectrum of industries agree that Salpo CRM has benefited their business.

4. Gain insights with analytical data and reporting

Thanks to Customer Relationship Management systems, the days of guesswork and approximation are gone. With Salpo CRM you can view a 360-degree insight into your business analytical data and reports in real-time. If you need to check the last time a customer contacted your business, made a purchase, or paid an invoice, CRM can provide that information for you. Dynamic filtering and central dashboard reports help you closely monitor historic and live data – presenting graphs and tables to track progress. This opportunity tracking allows businesses to manage performance results and sales goals for products and service. Not just that, it’s a great opportunity to use the data in front of you to see what tactics are delivering results and what can be improved on for the future to ultimately increase your profits.

5. Enhance customer service and sales

It’s clear that Salpo CRM stores all customer information, prospects and data in one convenient and accessible place. If you’re losing track of your customers’ vital details and interactions then it’s likely that you’ll lose that customer too. By building a trusted relationship, understanding their needs and keeping on top of all their activities you will prove to your customers that you’re not just knowledgeable of their day-to-day habits, but loyal too. Need to see how sales in the pipeline are coming along? No problem. Analytical data and sales reporting can assist with this. Plus there’s the added bonus of cross-selling your other products and services. Of course, personalisation and contact management is all part of the perfect package, but by utilising Salpo CRM you’ll be able to address each individual client in a bespoke way – making them feel like a unique and valued customer.

Don’t just take our word for it

Now that you understand how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help your business, we hope you agree that there are a multitude of benefits. Salpo CRM is trusted by businesses and professionals from a wide range of industries. We’re proud to have received the prestigious 2019 Premium Usability Award from FinancesOnline, along with a 4.5 star rating from Capterra, following many positive customer reviews. Our CRM system setup is tailored to your business in a way that suits you. We also provide ongoing support through web chats and email support when you’re in need of assistance and advice.

What next?

Want to reap the benefits of CRM? Sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Salpo CRM to see how our flexible business platform can work for you and your organisation – no obligation and no credit card required. Not ready to try yet? Visit our CRM page for more information or email us to set up a one-to-one demo.

How good are your events? We can make them better.

Do you run events for your business? If so, you’ll be facing the same big challenge as the rest of us – namely, how on earth do you keep track of everything, to help you run a successful event? Good news – we can help!

Central to success is a robust system for recording and updating every individual and company connected to your event; attendees, exhibitors, speakers, advertisers, suppliers and so on. Equally, you need to log every element related to the event; venues, dates and times, stand locations, furniture, products, talk and seminar titles, advertising spots etc. And then you need to make sense of it all, by interrogating, filtering and reporting on your data in a meaningful way.

Register for one of our regular Master Your Event Management to see how our flexible CRM business platform can help you to create a system to efficiently plan and deliver your events. We’ll show you how to:

Create a robust Event management system within Salpo CRM
Manage all associated marketing, sales and execution activities
Track day-of attendance against registered Contacts
Filter and report on leads generated from Events
Create post-Event outreach programmes
This session will last around 45 minutes, including time for your questions. Visit our events page to see when the next Events Management webinar session is, or if anything else takes your fancy. And click to learn more about Salpo CRM.

Wimbledon means business…not just tennis

It’s that time of year again – Wimbledon is in full swing (pardon the pun), the sun is out (occasionally) and the Pimm’s No. 1 Cup is flowing…oh, then there’s the tennis of course! But there’s more to Wimbledon than this quintessentially British tradition. Wimbledon is also about business. And nobody knows that better than our wonderful client, Love Wimbledon BID.

Love Wimbledon was set up by local businesses in 2012 as a Business Improvement District (BID) – a business-led, not for profit organisation, representing, serving and working to improve Wimbledon Town Centre.

“Our vision is for Wimbledon to be a popular, safe, interesting and better place for business, visitors and residents.”


How Love Wimbledon BID achieves its objectives:

  • Delivering engaging events and placemeking
  • Developing leading marketing and promotion
  • Providing inspiring business services and support
  • Working to ensure a brighter future for Wimbledon

We’ve been working with Love Wimbledon for several years now, helping them to tackle the specific and diverse set of challenges faced by Business Improvement Districts. We’ve collaborated closely, building and refining a bespoke system for their needs, using the Salpo CRM business platform.

Oh, if you’re wondering what the sweets are all about, these were kindly donated to us by Love Wimbledon – thanks guys! We had to take pictures pretty quick, as they taste too good to hang around our office for long.

Read more about how we’ve helped Love Wimbledon >>>
Read more about Love Wimbledon BID >>>

Are you a slave to your email? Time to take control.

Is your email inbox out of control? You’re not alone. Email is the biggest time sucker in business, with workers spending up to 2.6 hours per day searching, reading and writing emails (source: McKinseu Global Institute). It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can show you how to stop being a slave to your email and start making it work for you. Salpo CRM gives you the tools you need to take control of your email, while trimming trimming hours of wasted time off your work week.

Join one of our regular Salpo CRM webinars to learn more:

  • Sync your email with Salpo CRM using our IMAP connector
  • Connect your Gmail or Outlook email account to Salpo CRM
  • Auto-display new and historic emails against known Contacts
  • Exclude personal or unwanted Contacts from your stored emails
  • Instantly access your email, where and when you need it

Each session lasts around 45 minutes, including time for your questions. Visit our events page to see when the next email webinar session is, or if anything else takes your fancy. And click to learn more about Salpo CRM.

How to plan your projects and prevent slip-ups

Do your projects always run smoothly? For your sake, we do hope so. But the chances are, things don’t always go to plan. Totally normal and sometimes unavoidable. Often though, slip-ups can and should be avoided. That’s where we come in.

In our free webinar, Natalie will show you how to effectively plan and execute your projects, avoiding common issues that arise. Register now and join us next Thursday.

We’ll show you how to…

  • Clearly define objectives, important contacts and resources
  • Monitor and set milestones and deadlines
  • Track Project progress and manage potential scope creep
  • Automate tasks and alerts to stakeholders and resources
  • Report on accuracy of time and resource quote estimations

Stop wasting your precious time. Talk to us…

You really don’t have time to waste – but we’re betting you still do. It’s hurting your business and you need to stop. We help businesses do just that, with smart software solutions that save you time and make you money.

To show you how, we just launched a new page on our website. We tell you where time is typically lost for businesses and how we can help you take it back. The page is aptly named takebacktime – do take a look and let us know what you think…

How good is your sales process? We can make it better…

Want more sales? Of course you do. But please don’t spend all your time searching for that lead generation silver bullet. Instead, ensure you have a bulletproof process for transforming your leads into sales.

Register now and join us next Thursday when we’ll show you how to optimise your sales pipeline to support consistent, scalable results.

We’ll show you how to…

  • Identify when and why sales are falling through the cracks
  • Find and eliminate bottlenecks in your sales pipeline
  • Scale your sales process to match your growing organisation
  • Set quantifiable Targets and measure key performance metrics
  • Automate tasks, reminders and system updates
  • Develop sales dashboards for informed decision-making

This session will last no more than 1 hour, including time for questions. Register now and get on the path to a better sales pipeline.

A day at the races with the Pied Piper Appeal

We have the best clients. One of our newest, the Pied Piper Appeal, recently invited us to attend their annual business lunch and auction, at the Cheltenham Festival – pinnacle of the National Hunt Racing calendar.

We happily obliged, enjoying a fabulous day out, including a three-course lunch, a smattering of champagne and just a smidgen of gambling. We didn’t take many pics but here are a couple, showing our vantage point course-side and our table within the huge dedicated marquee…


Such a fun day. But it wasn’t all indulgence. We also networked with many other Gloucestershire businesses, who came together to support this worthy local charity. An auction was also held, to raise important funds for this worthy cause.

The Pied Piper Appeal are using our CRM Business Platform to manage all their funding and stakeholder interactions. Here’s what they had to say…

‘Salpo created a bespoke system to suit our needs, providing top-level reports quickly and easily and logging communications with businesses, volunteers, suppliers and individuals’.

Rachael Berry, Pied Piper Appeal

Here’s a little more about the Pied Piper Appeal

Founded in 1992, Pied Piper is the leading children’s charity in Gloucestershire. Our mission is to make a difference to the lives of sick and disabled children in the county. We do this by funding medical and practical equipment that enhances care and treatment.

t for children in hospital and in the special schools in Gloucestershire.

We also send children with life limiting illnesses and their families on Wish Holidays, support the ever growing mental health care in Gloucestershire and fund £10,000 worth of nursing training for the pediatric nurses in the County to ensure that the children get the most up to date care possible.

Find out more on the Pied Piper website.

Salpo CRM scores top marks at Finances Online

We’ve just been reviewed by Finances Online, scoring 8/10 in their independent review and earning their “Premium Usability” and “Rising Star” awards in the process.


Salpo CRM is proud to receive the prestigious 2019 Premium Usability Award from FinancesOnline; a platform for SaaS reviews trusted by professionals and businesses from different industries. With their in-depth evaluations of the available software solutions on the market, companies find it easier to determine which platform is suitable for their operations.

Salpo CRM was added to their list of leading online CRM tools because of its comprehensive set of features. They particularly commended our no-code customisation, making it easy to integrate with existing systems and to create unique workflows and dashboards depending on user needs. FinancesOnline also commended our business rules engine and advanced automation capabilities.

In addition to Salpo CRM’s impressive functionality, they also emphasised the affordability of Salpo CRM pricing, noting it as ideal for small startups and growing businesses who are looking to improve their customer relationship management efforts without having to spend too much on a new software.

Visit FinancesOnline to read the full Salpo CRM review. and also see why they consider us among the best CRM software for retailers. Thanks to the guys at FinanceOnline for the kind words and praise, much appreciated!