Empower your sales team with Salpo CRM + RingCentral

Make your call centre and sales teams super-efficient with Salpo CRM + RingCentral – screen incoming calls, initiate outgoing calls, instantly pull-up contact details and notes, and automatically record all Communications. And all without leaving Salpo CRM.

We’ve worked closely with RingCentral, the market-leader in call centre solutions, to build a powerful integration between our two platforms. This gives you our dynamic contact management, combined with RingCentral’s awesome call centre and sales solution, all without leaving Salpo CRM. Just activate the integration within our control panel and start making your teams work smarter and more efficiently.

What you can do with Salpo CRM + RingCentral

  • Screen incoming calls by instantly accessing Contact details
  • Initiate outgoing calls using click-to-dial technology within Salpo CRM
  • Quickly pull-up contact notes for easy reference during outgoing calls
  • Automatically record calls against relevant Contact profile pages

You’ll need a Salpo CRM and RingCentral account to use this integrated solution. Don’t have accounts? You can sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Salpo CRM.

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Salpo secures Xero Marketplace approved partner status

We just became an approved partner of Xero, the world-leading accounting software provider. Our Salpo CRM + Xero integration provides dynamic contact and activity management, seamlessly blended with the best accounting software on the market.

We partnered Xero to build our comprehensive integration, allowing you to view and report on accounting data within Salpo CRM and sync records across both platforms. After a rigorous process, Xero approved our app to appear in its Partner Marketplace.

With Salpo CRM + Xero you can:

  • View Contact billing history and track account balances and invoicing status
  • Access and report on transaction data across multiple clients simultaneously
  • Create orders within Salpo CRM and push them to Xero to generate invoices
  • Sync and share records across both platforms to create cross-team visibility

You’ll need a Salpo CRM and Xero account to use this integrated solution. Don’t have accounts? You can sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Salpo CRM and also try Xero accounting software for free.

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Salpo CRM integration gets Zapier seal of approval

Who doesn’t love Zapier? The market-leader in app integration helps businesses everywhere to link their every-day apps and create useful workflows to improve productivity. And now Zapier just approved Salpo as a recognised app partner, making the announcement last week.

We now appear on the Zapier site, with a number of suggested Salpo CRM ‘Zaps’ that users can tap straight into. Click here to Salpo’s Zapier integration page. Existing Salpo CRM users can find and activate the Zapier integration within the Control Panel. If you don’t yet have a Salpo CRM account, click to start a free 14-day trial.