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Our focus

We’re a software development company, focused on helping our clients and partners to achieve their goals. Our products include a modular CRM platform, custom software and apps, and flexible development resource.

Your partnership

We need partners who know their market to share our dynamic software solutions with the right people. Our Partner Programme will support you, as you deliver on the ambitions and visions of your customers.

If you’re interested in joining us and helping your customers, while earning up to 45% commission, we’d love to hear from you.

Our solutions

Modular CRM platform

Our flexible CRM platform is simple to setup and use yet powerful, with a modular structure that allows it to be customised to fit any business.

Custom software and apps

We build custom software for web and mobile apps, using the latest operating languages, tools, databases and hosting environments.

Development resource

We offer flexible outsourced development resource, to fill skills gaps, enable quick deployment and bypass recruitment and hardware costs.

“Great software and great team behind it. Always being developed and updated. I like a lot. I like the way its going and know there are lots more integrations in the roadmap.”

Rick NotleyNettl Design

“The simplicity of the software makes it easy to work with. Highlighting and organising of data is fluid and not over complicated. Easy to use and set up. Great value for money.”

Tom AllenTeachethica

“Views and variability are excellent but my favourite piece is the support received from our account manager.”

Mike SherryInfraheat Technologies Limited

“User friendly with a number of useful features. Easy to work around and quick data entry. Great to share information with other users.”

Lesley WardlePrimetech

“The layout is visually simple and very clear so makes it very easy to use.”

Annie JamesThe Phone Mast Company

“Easy software to store all our clients’ information and build a holistic picture of the client. You can also easily move between client records”

Tess BertramThe Healthy Holiday Company

“The team at Salpo asked all the right questions to gain a thorough understanding of what we needed. Then they delivered it.”

Dr Nick HarveyDigitalis Technology

“Our app allows engineers to make complex calculations with their mobile devices. This has saved us so much time and money.”

Spirax SarcoSpirax Sarco

“Salpo mapped our requirements and plugged us into their team, giving us access to highly-trained developers.”

James GrunsonFreedom Technology

“Our application has amassed a huge user base in the UK, thanks to user experience and performance of the app.”

The Racing App

“I get a real buzz when I’m in restaurant or bar and see someone using the app to get a discount.”

Donald CoxHappyApp

“Salpo are helping us to push the boundaries on our existing business processes, to really evolve our service and proposition.”

James BrownThe Growth Hub

Why work with Salpo?

Solutions for all

Flexible products, including a modular CRM platform, custom software and apps, and outsourced development resource, offering solutions for every customer.

GDPR compliance

Manual and automated GDPR compliance tools, developed by us and built onto our modular CRM platform to provide compliance assistance with a built in audit trail.

Dedicated support

Support throughout the customer journey, including sales support and marketing collateral, onboarding and integration assistance, and technical aftersales support.

Great commission

Four partner levels, with attractive margins and up to 45% commission on SaaS platform sales, setup and onboarding, custom software projects, and outsourced development.

Become a Salpo partner

To learn more about our Partner Programme, including rates, please call us on +44 (0) 333 8000 029 or complete the contact form opposite.

We look forward to hearing from you.