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Your relationships are unique!

Your Relationships are unique! We understand that your business is different and has quirks, set ups and relationships that fit your company and customers alone: after all, these differences are what set you apart from your competitors and…
Glos Business Awards

We are finalists!

We are finalists! Salpo Technologies are extremely excited to be announced as finalists for the 2017 Gloucestershire Business Awards that take place in October at Cheltenham racecourse. We have been shortlisted in the category of Business…
Dreedom Tech

Deadline closing in? Need to ramp up resource?

Deadline closing in? Need to ramp up resource? Skill sets missing? Get the right developers now! We find that many software application projects miss their deadlines due to companies not having enough developers in place - or developers…
Development services

Outsourcing of development - none of it, all of it or maybe just what suits your business?

Development outsourcing It's agreed, outsourcing development has burned a lot of people and businesses whether onshore, near shore or offshore. Some have questioned the quality, some the experience and some even the work ethic (but, of…
How close is the paperless office?

Is business paperwork dead? We may be getting close!

We've all heard the term paperless office but how close is the reality? Ok! I'm going to start with a confession. I do not live in a paperless world. In fact, I love paper! But the good news is that I'm getting better. Working in the…

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