CRM Custom Modules

Custom Modules are an incredibly powerful way of shaping the Salpo platform to fit your business needs.

A module is simply a set of database records with several fields attached. For example, our Contacts module contains Contact records with fields of first name, surname, email address, mobile number, etc.

But a module can be based around anything that your organisation does: jobs, orders, products, projects, support tickets, events, services, properties, installations etc. And each different record type can have custom fields associated with it.

So, if you rent out buildings, you can build a custom module called Properties. The records within that database container could each be called a Property (or Building, Apartment, Factory etc.) with custom information fields created for each record such as number of rooms, location, price etc. Files, such as contracts, can be saved against records.

A Projects module might have records titled Project and then custom information fields such as start date, end date, description, services supplied drop-downs, cost details etc. Files such as project plans and specifications could be saved against each project.

Combining modules with the platform’s connection functionality allows rich linking between records. For example, in the Properties illustration above, property records could be connected to contact records with a custom connection called Tenant or Renter, to a cleaning supplier record with a connection called Supplier or Cleaner, and to a letting agent record with an Agency connection.

With the custom record, naming and field flexibility of modules, combined with external software integration through our flexible API, the Salpo platform truly is a system that can go way beyond a traditional CRM to become the heart of your operation.

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