How good are your events? We can make them better.

Do you run events for your business? If so, you’ll be facing the same big challenge as the rest of us – namely, how on earth do you keep track of everything, to help you run a successful event? Good news – we can help!

Central to success is a robust system for recording and updating every individual and company connected to your event; attendees, exhibitors, speakers, advertisers, suppliers and so on. Equally, you need to log every element related to the event; venues, dates and times, stand locations, furniture, products, talk and seminar titles, advertising spots etc. And then you need to make sense of it all, by interrogating, filtering and reporting on your data in a meaningful way.

Register for one of our regular Master Your Event Management to see how our flexible CRM business platform can help you to create a system to efficiently plan and deliver your events. We’ll show you how to:

Create a robust Event management system within Salpo CRM
Manage all associated marketing, sales and execution activities
Track day-of attendance against registered Contacts
Filter and report on leads generated from Events
Create post-Event outreach programmes
This session will last around 45 minutes, including time for your questions. Visit our events page to see when the next Events Management webinar session is, or if anything else takes your fancy. And click to learn more about Salpo CRM.

Are you a slave to your email? Time to take control.

Is your email inbox out of control? You’re not alone. Email is the biggest time sucker in business, with workers spending up to 2.6 hours per day searching, reading and writing emails (source: McKinseu Global Institute). It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can show you how to stop being a slave to your email and start making it work for you. Salpo CRM gives you the tools you need to take control of your email, while trimming trimming hours of wasted time off your work week.

Join one of our regular Salpo CRM webinars to learn more:

  • Sync your email with Salpo CRM using our IMAP connector
  • Connect your Gmail or Outlook email account to Salpo CRM
  • Auto-display new and historic emails against known Contacts
  • Exclude personal or unwanted Contacts from your stored emails
  • Instantly access your email, where and when you need it

Each session lasts around 45 minutes, including time for your questions. Visit our events page to see when the next email webinar session is, or if anything else takes your fancy. And click to learn more about Salpo CRM.

How to plan your projects and prevent slip-ups

Do your projects always run smoothly? For your sake, we do hope so. But the chances are, things don’t always go to plan. Totally normal and sometimes unavoidable. Often though, slip-ups can and should be avoided. That’s where we come in.

In our free webinar, Natalie will show you how to effectively plan and execute your projects, avoiding common issues that arise. Register now and join us next Thursday.

We’ll show you how to…

  • Clearly define objectives, important contacts and resources
  • Monitor and set milestones and deadlines
  • Track Project progress and manage potential scope creep
  • Automate tasks and alerts to stakeholders and resources
  • Report on accuracy of time and resource quote estimations

How good is your sales process? We can make it better…

Want more sales? Of course you do. But please don’t spend all your time searching for that lead generation silver bullet. Instead, ensure you have a bulletproof process for transforming your leads into sales.

Register now and join us next Thursday when we’ll show you how to optimise your sales pipeline to support consistent, scalable results.

We’ll show you how to…

  • Identify when and why sales are falling through the cracks
  • Find and eliminate bottlenecks in your sales pipeline
  • Scale your sales process to match your growing organisation
  • Set quantifiable Targets and measure key performance metrics
  • Automate tasks, reminders and system updates
  • Develop sales dashboards for informed decision-making

This session will last no more than 1 hour, including time for questions. Register now and get on the path to a better sales pipeline.

Watch our GDPR Compliance webinar

GDPR compliance ready

GDPR compliance ready

If you missed our recent webinar, Solve the GDPR challenge with Salpo CRM, you can now watch it via our YouTube channel.

If you want to learn more about GDPR and Salpo compliance solutions click here.