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with our modular CRM platform

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Are you GDPR ready?
Time is running out.

GDPR means big changes for many companies. Meet your GDPR
challenges head-on with our compliance assistance solutions.

From only £25 per month to help you become GDPR compliant.

simple crm software

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Drive sales and improve efficiency with our modular CRM platform

Interested in a free trial? Simply click the button below and fill out the form
to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

There’s no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required.


With Salpo CRM you can customise the system to fit your business with flexible name and fields, plus custom modules allowing you to focus the system around your business activity


Our Connections capabilities allow you to join the dots between your customers, products, services etc – and to surface the sales opportunities that you didn’t even know existed

GDPR ready

Our GDPR Compliance Assistance Tool is built in allowing you to manage your GDPR data fields and privacy statements, and your customers to self-serve their data requests

Salpo CRM

Salpo CRM helps you to drive sales and service through our uniquely connected and flexible data management tools.

  • Flexible naming and fields – run your business in your language
  • Customisable modules – jobs, orders, events, installations etc – focus the system around your business activities
  • Connect individual contacts to multiple companies, departments, charities etc – one to many, not one-to-one relationships
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Emma, DEAR, Xero and more
  • GDPR ready – with built-in tools to support GDPR compliance

Plus, all the standard features you’d expect from a CRM system.

GDPR Compliance

Helping you navigate the data compliance maze

Our GDPR CRM compliance toolset is an online tool helping you to meet the GDPR regulations.

Plus, our self-serve customer portal saves you time and money.

  • Reduces the hassle of managing GDPR compliance
  • Efficient – the customer can self-serve rather than calling or emailing your contact centre
  • Ensures you effectively manage your contacts’ communication preferences and maintain their privacy
  • Customer friendly – they can view and amend data and permissions at their convenience 24/7
  • Provides an audit trail to keep the regulator happy

Platform as a Service

A better solution for your software ideas

With our Platform As A Service (PaaS) offering you can develop, run and manage your application using Salpo’s cloud hosting infrastructure, databases and tools, with no need to set up and maintain your own infrastructure.

With our next-generation enterprise-grade solution, advanced application development platform and enterprise-grade security, you can get rapid and more cost-effective development and deployment.

Software Development

Software and Application Development

We develop bespoke software and applications to your specification, flawlessly managing the process from design to launch. We work with an extensive set of languages, platforms, frameworks, tools and DBs.

Outsourced Development Resource

We can also provide flexible resources – from developers to QAs, architects to Scrum Masters, and much more – which you can manage on a daily basis to meet evolving requirements.

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GDPR Compliance from just £25 per month

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It’s made the whole process a lot more efficient and slick. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Salpo CRM.

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Without a shadow of a doubt Salpo are helping us to really push the boundaries…to evolve our service and proposition.

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With Salpo our products and platform are always current, up to date and use the latest technology.

James GunsonFreedom Technology

Simple and easy to use and set up.

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Great software and a great team behind it.

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