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Outsourcing. Efficient
and Cost-Effective

• Full Solution Suite from Supplementary Developers to Bespoke Turnkey Projects

• Access to Highly Skilled, In-House Resource across all Functions

• Extremely Competitive - Hugely Reduce Operational and Staffing Costs

• Increase Efficiency – Focus on Your Core Business


Bespoke Projects

We offer fully bespoke outsourcing models from Junior Developers to supplement your existing team to full Turnkey Solutions, from Inception and Scope, through Design, Building and Testing governed by Full Project Management to Delivery and Maintenance. Endless Models, One Provider.

Scalable Solutions

You have the Project, we have the Staff. We can quickly scale up or down depending on Timescales, Exceptional Circumstances or other Factors affecting Delivery.

High Quality Personnel

Everything is done In-House with Salpo. We have all levels of Developers across a wide Technology Stack together with Project Managers, Tech Leads, Architects, UI / UX Design Specialists and QA. Whatever you need, we can supply..

Robust Processes

We use the AGILE methodology and typically follow a Scrum Framework for Development, providing a structure of roles, meetings and rules. Typical Sprint lengths are 1-2 weeks.

Risk Mitigation

We have full Redundancy Infrastructure across our sites, from Generator back-up through to HSRP with Secondary Data and Voice Circuits routed through different POPs. We build on fully resilient Cloud Servers.

Reduce Costs

With Salpo maintaining Staff, Infrastructure, Hardware and Licensing, there are HR and Operational benefits which greatly reduce the cost and hassle of Project Delivery as well as offering Flexibility.

Salpo developers can work using the clients choice of methodology but for in-house projects we have extensive experience with Agile

Technology Stack

Languages & Platforms
Frameworks & Tools

Our Approach to Projects


Depending on the solution, we may be running a Helpdesk Environment for you or have ongoing resource allocated for maintenance or development as appropriate.


It all starts here. We need to understand what you want to achieve, then learn about your business, evaluate your systems, assess your current technologies and determine what resources you have available.


The project starts and your team deliver to the agreed project plan, additional resources can be added as required.


We need to select the right Outsourcing Model based on the available resources. Key roles like Project Leader, Technical Architect, Business Analyst, UI Designer, UX Engineer, Tech Lead, Senior Engineer, Dev Ops Engineer and Quality Assurance could be supplied by you or by us. Do you just want some extra development help, is it a project team that you are looking for or do you want a full Turnkey solution? Decisions are made.


Allocation of resources, preparation of infrastructure and full briefings to the Team. The Build then begins in earnest following the agreed methodology and framework.


The Project Plan is produced, covering Team Structure, Reporting, Communication Plan, Risk Analysis, Costings and Timeline. Agreement is reached and the Project becomes live.

The next step

If Salpo sounds like the right company for you then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you and listen to your business case.

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