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Technology Stack

Building intuitive, elegant and scalable solutions to common business problems



We firmly believe in using the right tool for the job and are constantly expanding our horizons to adopt new technologies and tools to meet the demands of our customers and deliver them truly useful, innovative and intuitive software.

We actively encourage our developers to play with cool new stuff as this often feeds back into our product.

Best of the Web

Our core technologies include PHP and Javascript. Each have huge ecosystems and are proven technologies.

We use best of breed libraries including Symfony2, Doctrine2, and Behat for PHP and NodeJS and AngularJS for Javascript.

Data, Everywhere

Databases are no longer just relational. With the latest trend towards no-SQL databases we can model richer data structures more efficiently and more elegantly without sacrificing scalability.

Whilst our core database technology is MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB and Redis are all key parts of our data storage layer and provide us with a toolset to solve a greater variety of problems more easily.

Scalable & Resilient

In terms of scalability and resilience nothing beats the cloud. Our stack is fully integrated into AWS right from our continuous integration environment through to our live servers. This ensures we can remain agile, our testing environments are realistic and we get scalability baked in!

User Experience

We think that creating a user-friendly product is the key factor in the success of a software project. Using the latest web technologies we can produce a rich, intuitive user experience across all devices.

Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS allow us to create highly interactive pages updated in real-time. Sprinkled with a little bit of CSS3, powered by LESS, they can look pretty too!

Embracing Change

Anyone who works in technology knows that the speed of change is incredible. If you are not moving forwards you are going backwards.

At Salpo Technologies we are constantly reviewing our tools and technologies to make sure that we are getting the most out of what is available. Change is something that is core to our philosophy and is a continuous and valued process.

How We Work


Delivering high quality software quickly and reliably is our core focus. Using a careful mix of Kanban and XP we are able to change direction quickly, develop incrementally and fully measure and control quality.

Using Kanban means we can easily see bottlenecks in our development process. Every time a bottleneck is identified we put tools or processes in place to try and prevent the bottleneck from happening again. Using this approach of continuous improvement we are able to achieve high productivity with a small team.


By automating our testing, infrastructure and deployment we are able to deploy our changes as soon as they are ready whilst minimising the risk of bugs and regressions.

Our philosophy of automating everything means that not only are we more efficient but we also have more control and confidence in our development process, from initial idea through to deployment. Keeping tasks and changes small means our customers are seeing new features several times a day.

Developers Rule!

We do not underestimate the importance of our developers. Happy developers mean happy code and happiness is not as simple as a big salary.

Our offices are well-equiped with the latest hardware and we use the best development tools available. We also actively encourage our developers to learn and develop their skills, making books and learning resources readily available. There's always room for a discussion or debate about a new tool or technology.

Technology Stack


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