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Copies emails

Automatically add a copy of all sent and received emails to the relevant contact. No plugins to install or addresses to copy in, it just works.

Quick to setup

Connecting Salpo is quick and easy. You can choose which email folders to sync with and which email addresses to ignore.

Any time, any device

Carry on sending emails the way you do now. Emails are uploaded when you're in the office, at home or on the move.

Email Synchronisation

Salpo CRM automatically copies sent and received emails, including attachments, and files them against relevant contacts. There’s nothing you need to remember to do. What’s more, when you initially connect your e-mail, your legacy e-mails will be pulled into the system automatically and stored in the correct place.

Salpo CRM email synchronisation

You can also store files and images against any contact in the system so you can find and download easily.

Salpo CRM email synchronisation files

Provide better service

Give your team complete visibility of historic communications, all in one place for each contact.

Handle more in one call

With full communication visibility, pick up conversations with customers any time.

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