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No need for bespoke software with Salpo custom objects

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- If you sell boats, create a boat

- If you are a recruitment agency, create a vacancy

- If you have engineers doing jobs, create a job

- If you provide loans, create a loan


Capture project information. Filter by status. Link the project manager, customer and location. Save important documents.


Create and manage jobs, assign engineers, view by status, make notes and record costs. Save related files and images.

Support tickets

Track tickets by status, assign agents. Update progress, auto sync emails to tickets, add notes, files, images and view history.


Create vacancies, link to recruiter. Track candidates interviewed, jobs offered, vacancy status. Attach applications, add notes, schedule follow up tasks.


Set up and administer properties. Record and filter on specification, release dates, stage, status. Connect to contractors, tenants, owners. Save files and images.


ID and connect decision makers. Filter by stage, chance, value, sales person. Auto upload related email activity, save notes, attach quotes, track sales process.

Create your own Software with Custom Objects

A Custom Object is a cluster of custom fields that model something important to your business.

For Example:

  • If you sell boats, create a boat with the information you want to capture and link it to prospective buyers.
  • If you are a recruitment agency, create a vacancy and link clients and candidates.
  • If you take orders, create a job and track your order through to implementation.
  • If your customers raise Support Tickets, create a ticket, assign agent, update progress and store files.
  • If you manage property, create a property. Connect to contractors, tenants, owners. Manage rental status and renewals. Attach pictures and contracts.

Use custom objects to...

Store Custom Data

Create fields to record data related to your custom object. Choose from single or multi-select fields, number fields, date fields or text fields. Sort and filter by any of these fields.

Salpo CRM Objects Home Page

Link contacts

Connect your contacts and define their relationship to your custom object.

Salpo CRM Objects Linked Contacts Salpo Communications Overview

Search & filter

Drill down into each object with ease. Create filtered lists to segment data as required for a full snapshot which can be exported. Much easier to manage than unwieldy spreadsheets.

Salpo CRM Objects Search & Filter

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